The 2009 Corsa Motoclassica is this  April 25th and 26th at the Willow Springs Parkway. They are a series of AHRMA sponsored vintage motorcycle races and are an absolute blast. I rode my CL350 out last year and it is one of my favorite trips I’ve taken. Beautiful warm desert riding, and I was able to really open up the engine after the top end rebuild I did a few months earlier. The ride had a great mix of long, straight desert roads and twisty canyon roads. I also got to see the poppies bloom, which was a first.

The event has a motorcycle show and a free swap meet, where you can find all sorts of vintage parts and even “complete” bikes. The races are awesome – my favorites were the CB160 class as well as the all British class. The bikes sound amazing as they zip past you and Willow Springs is a really great racetrack. You can see every turn from the bleachers.

My dilemma is this! I was planning on taking the CB750 out to this event, but that rebuild is behind and won’t be done. So I’d like to take my 350 again, but this is not the best bike for a 2 hour ride with a passenger. Also – I need new tires on the 350 and I’m not sure if I’m going to get them on there this month.

Ultimately, it would be awesome to go out there with a truck and come back with a bed full of motorcycles and parts, but that isn’t going to happen either. I’ll be heading out there one way or another – and I’ll find a way to get my 350 out there as well. I was one of the only vintage motorcycles that rode out there last year, and it felt great to roll up on a 40 year old bike and park next to all the brand new bikes.

Maybe I’ll see you at the races!

An Indian at the Corsa Motoclassica 2008. More photos at my Flickr photoset.