I love vintage motorcycles and scooters, especially 70’s Hondas and Vespa scooters.

Motorcycles are more or less a way of life for me. I live in Los Angeles and ride my 1972 Honda CL350 to work everyday. I don’t own a car, and only plan to buy a small truck so I can haul more motorcycles.

Motorcycles have beauty in their simplicity – a frame, an engine, and a rider. This is why I enjoy vintage bikes – they lack the extra garbage that make modern bikes easy to break and expensive to maintain.

My dream is to ride around the world on a motorcycle. I’d love to cross the Arabian Peninsula on a Brough Superior, India on a Royal Enfield, Mongolia on a Trimph Bonneville, Europe on a Norton Commando, and the United States on a CB750.


3 Responses to “About the Rider”

  1. Mike Says:

    Hey, cool site. It’s refreshing to see someone else go though what I’ve been going through trying to rebuild my bike. I have a 1976 Honda CB550 that I’ve been working on for about a year now. I really hadn’t done much to it until now. Since I’m stuck waiting on a new tire, I thought it was time to tear the bike down to clean it up a bit.


  2. Kiala Says:

    Where did you get that jacket? It is amazing.

  3. Robert Says:

    Venice beach!

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