I’m ready to travel up north for the 2009 Corsa Motoclassica!

You can view my route here on Google Maps.

I’ve got my CL350 all tuned up and ready to ride. Here is what I’ve done in the last few weeks:

1. Changed out all cables for brand new Motion Pro cables – looks sharp and they are much smoother.
2. Had new Avon Road Rider tires installed.
3. Got a new speedometer and cable so I can actually see how far I’ve ridden, and how fast I am going while doing so.
4. Readjusted valves tappets (did this twice to make sure) and really locked it down within the tolerances.
5. Cleaned and retuned carbs.

This has been the best my CL350 has run since I bought it. It is quick off the throttle, and I can ride at a high speed for a long time, come to a stop and the tach drops to a rock solid 1,200 RPM idle. Everytime. It’s a really good feeling. And the new Road Riders are exceptional… they take a little getting used to after riding on square Chinese crappy tires.

I’ve packed up my tank bag for the trip. Jaxon will be coming along in his car, but I’ve packed up some stuff for any unforseen circumstances.

Here’s what I got:

1. Rag / Papertowel – Always handy for cleanup or handing hot parts
2. Duct tape / Electrician’s tape
3. Flashlight – Not planning on riding in the dark, but none of this stuff is for things going as planned
4. Leatherman – 90% of the tools I’m bringing are in this
5. Hex wrenches
6. Matches
7. Pens / Paper
8. Zip ties – Amazing what you can do with a few zip ties.
9. Spare change – In a fashionable coin purse!
10. Chopsticks – these aren’t for eating! It is amazing how many uses I’ve found for those disposable chopsticks you receive with sushi.

Still need to throw a few plugs in there and a couple wrenches, and I should be set! I also picked up some summer gloves – they are leather with mesh on the sides so I get some air. These should help with the severe hand fatigue I had last year after 5 hours of riding.

This will be an awesome trip! A full report and pictures will be posted when I return!